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Atlanta Sankofa TimeBank

Our Mission

The Sankofa Time Bank encourages people to engage in mutually beneficial, respectful and cooperative relationships among community members.  Members of the Sankofa Time Bank are afforded an opportunity to become a part of network of support and sharing that inspires good quality, friendly and productive relationships. In particular we appreciate that traditionally Afrikan people have always been at their best when they have maintained strong family and communal bonds.  The Sankofa Time Bank is designed to contribute to the development of such bonds.

Sankofa Time Bank Basic Values

An interest in building stronger communal bonds is the basic motivation for establishing a time bank.  To serve that end those who join in the Sankofa Time Bank should acknowledge and agree to uphold the following basic values:

  • Reciprocity – The good that you do for others should be returned to you in like kind, and the good others do for you should be returned by you to others
  • Mutual Respect – All community members are deemed to be valued and appreciated and all deserve to be regarded as carriers of divine potential
  • Dependability – Agreed upon service exchanges should always be carried out in a timely and efficient manner to the best of the ability of the service provider
  • Harmonious Engagements – Services should be provided and accepted graciously and with a pleasant disposition; the sense of being overburdened or being imposed upon is unnecessary since all engagements should be entered willingly and with good intentions
  • Collective Work and Responsibility – We must uphold our community, since it is ultimately our community which upholds each one of us. Joining the Sankofa Time Bank requires a commitment to re-learn communal values, and once again gain an appreciation for cooperative efforts by taking on some responsibility for the welfare whole group.  Each individual community members should learn to see himself or herself as a representative of the community, and to become a responsible and reliable agent of the community.