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Atlanta Sankofa TimeBank

Apply for membership in Atlanta Sankofa TimeBank

Membership Requirements

Atlanta Sankofa Time Bank members adhere to the following statements:

  • I acknowledge, understand and agree that as a member of the Sankofa Time Bank I must work to uphold the Basic Values in all of my activities associated with the time bank.
  • Any agreements made between myself and another community member shall not in any way make Sankofa Time Bank responsible or liable for damages or any other consequences that ensue from such engagements.
  • I agree not to engage in buying or selling illegal goods or services in exchanges through the Sankofa Time Bank.
  • I agree not to divulge personal or confidential information about other time bank community members that I may learn during my association with the Sankofa time Bank.
  • I agree to abide by the guidelines and Basic Values of the Sankofa Time Bank, always engaging with community members in good faith.
  • I understand that a member who is inactive for more than six months without explanation may be removed from the registry of the time bank.
  • I understand that every community member is valued and will receive the benefit of the doubt, unless and until they demonstrate by their pattern of behavior that they do not intend to be good faith members of the community. But such a determination that can only made by consensus of community members and by the Sankofa Time Bank Council of Elders.
  • I agree to have all disputes and all questions of uncertainty which arise during engagements with Sankofa Time Bank community members arbitrated by the Sankofa Time Bank Council of Elders.